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  Sister Deanna Visiting With Former Montessori Student and Staff Toddler student learning proper cleaning techniques  


The purpose of the Jonestown Family Center is to improve the general welfare of people in Jonestown and the surrounding area. The Family Center strives to increase educational and health opportunities through its programs.

The Jonestown Family Center follows a Christian philosophy, focusing on respect for each person as a child of God. All programs strive for the full development of the human person. We believe that education must be holistic -- mind, body and spirit.

The Jonestown Family Center for Education and Wellness is a separately incorporated sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Thanks to all of you who help us during the year! Gratefully, Sr. Teresa and the staff at the Jonestown Family Center.

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Jonestown! The Delta has had a beautiful fall this year—lots of sunny days and cool nights. I love to hear the wild geese overhead in the morning as they fly south for the winter. The little toddlers and Montessori children are learning so much and enjoy singing, working on puzzles, and working on all the various reading, language and math activities in the environment.

Mrs. Chelesa Presley of Delta Health Partners, is working with pregnant and parenting moms to encourage breast-feeding. My sister Jenny Shields, a nurse and lactation consultant, came down for a few weeks this fall to work with her. Classes are being held in Jonestown every other week to support young parents in their efforts to raise successful, happy children.

Thanks to all our friends who have supported us for so many years. Also thanks to our talented web host, Marquita Perry, we are now able to take credit card donations through PayPal on our web site. Just click on the “donations” page and choose your amount!

For those of you who shop on Amazon, the Family Center is now a designated charity on Amazon Smile. Amazon donates 5% of the purchase price of eligible products to a registered charity. Just go to , list the Jonestown Family Center as your charity, and shop away!

Gratefully, in Christ,

Sr. Teresa Shields and staff of the Jonestown Family Center

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